If you have questions regarding compliance with the federal Clean Air Act (CAA) and fuel quality standards, please visit the EPA website below:

If your company needs to join the 211(b) Research Group (EPA determines this), please complete the Company Information form below and return it to API via email or fax (instructions on the Company Information Form below). You will then be sent the 211(b) Agreement(s) and an invoice. The Agreement(s) should be signed and returned to API and the invoice paid in full according to the remittance information provided on the invoice. Once this process has been completed, EPA will be notified of your company's good standing in the Program. This process should take no more than a couple of weeks (probably less), depending on how soon the agreements are signed and the invoice is paid.

Please carefully review the Background Information document below and note the current estimated costs per member company.  Each company’s cost is based on the estimated total cost of the research program.  If you are registering baseline/diesel and a non-baseline fuel group (i.e., ethanol) at the same time, the costs would be a combined one-time charge.  If an existing 211(b) Research Group member wishes to add a non-baseline fuel group to its membership, additional costs might be incurred. 

Membership Documents
211b Background Information - General information regarding API Section 211(b) Research Group membership.
211b Company Information Form - Form used to submit company information and fuel registration data to API.